Slinky Seismometer Kit

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Originally designed in association with the British Geological Survey, our new and improved Slinky Seismometer Kit provides an elegant and low-cost solution to earthquake detection. The seismometer uses electromagnetic induction to detect ground motion and incorporates eddy current damping for improved sensing. Supplied in kit form, the seismometer is quick and easy to assemble, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

We’ve taken the time to improve our original slinky kit, and as such there are a host of new and improved features:

  • Rigid engraved outer acrylic tube
  • Adjustable threaded top, for height adjustment
  • Adjustable threaded knurled feet, for levelling
  • Dual coil assembly
  • Easy cable attachment using a 3.5mm jack

The new features and improvements allow you to fine-tune your seismometer. The adjustable threaded components mean that you can get more accurate and consistent readings, and the solid acrylic body minimises the possibility of any unwanted external influence.

To gather data from the seismometer, you require a suitable interface e.g. our USB Seismometer Interface, or our SeismicPi HAT. You can then use free software such as jAmaSeis to record data.


Download the pdf of the instructions HERE.