Easter Egg Hunt

We usually visit extended family at Easter-time and my sister-in-law puts together an Easter Egg hunt for the boys and their cousins. This year, of course, we are confined to our own home so it fell to me to devise the clues. Fortunately, I have been evaluating the Mindsets products and kits to see what […]

Growing Plants Under LEDs

We take a look at one of the activities from the ‘Coding Pathway’ of the Global STEM Award.

Injection Moulding Christmas Decorations

We have a go at making our own Christmas decorations using injection moulding!

New and Improved Slinky Seismometer

We’ve improved and updated our Slinky Seismometer Kit and while stocks last, you can get a free SeismicPi HAT!

Basics of Iterative Design: Crumble Ball Launcher

To give iterative design a go, we make a Crumble-powered ping pong ball launcher!

Redfern and the Global STEM Award at New Scientist Live

Next month, Redfern Electronics and the Global STEM Award are off to New Scientist Live

Improving Lives – Digital White Cane

The basic White Cane has stood the test of time, but what if we could improve this design by bringing it into the modern era?

Using the Low-Cost FM Radio Module

We’re having a bit of a clear-out, and one of the items on offer is our Low-Cost FM Radio Module.

Pi Wars: a Story

Dan shares his experiences preparing for and taking part in the ever-popular Pi Wars robotics competition.

Mindsets Heads to Bett

The team here at Mindsets, along with Mike and Beckie from UKSTEM, are going along to exhibit at Bett – the British Educational Training and Technology show.

What do LEGO® Bricks, Mars and Football have in Common? Seismology!

On 5th May 2018, the InSight Mission to Mars was launched, but what does this have to do with LEGO® bricks, Football and Mindsets?

Global STEM Launch and the Scottish Learning Festival

Last week was a very busy week for us here at Mindsets. We attended two different events, one in York, and the other in Glasgow! This meant one thing – road trip!

I’ve got a Crumble Starter Kit – now what?

You’ve got your hands on a Crumble starter kit, you’ve connected bits together and managed to get a Sparkle shining red, but now what?

Mindsets and Machine Realm have launched a Kickstarter

Meet the ISO-CUBE. This 3D drawing tool has been meticulously designed and developed to enable anybody to create astonishing 3D isometric drawings in minutes.

A Crumble-Powered Automatic RGB Nightlight

Everything is made better with RGB lights. We’ve taken inspiration for a night light and added some Crumble to the mix.

Getting to grips with the Crumble line follower

Want to find out more about how to use a line follower with the Crumble?

Mindsets head to the Education Show

From Thursday 15th – Saturday 17th some of the Mindsets’ team were exhibiting at the Education Show, Birmingham.

Updated: USB Memory Stick Case-off

We’ve upgraded the 1GB memory stick to 16GB at no extra cost!

Make a 7-Segment Display with the Crumble

Using a bit of Crumble kit and some card will have you going digit-crazy!

Getting musical with the Crumble

A Crumble powered instrument that can play a tune? You must be mad! Don’t worry, we thought we were too, but after having this idea in our head for a long time, we finally bought a glockenspiel to try it out.

Testing a hypothesis with the Mini-dataloggers

We were left thinking after our ‘Cooling effect of evaporation’ investigation. Why did the temperature of a datalogger increase when we turned on a fan? We decided to test our hypothesis.

Datalogging: The cooling effect of evaporation

What do you get when you cross two polystyrene cups, a paper towel, two temperature dataloggers and some water? A really ‘cool’ investigation of course.

Christmas has arrived!

Our first proper Christmas since we moved in to our new building with Redfern Electronics (designers of the Crumble Controller). We’ve decided to mark the occasion with a suitably decorated tree!

Ideas for the Sound Recorder Module

The sound recording module is a simple and easy to use device, which is perfect for use in a D&T project. Read on to get some more ideas.

Halloween: Jitterbug Spider

The Jitterbug kit provides a fun and easy method for learning about circuits, and forces through an off centre mass. Learn how to jazz it up a bit by turning it into a spider!