SeismicStream Seismometer Interface

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The SeismicStream seismometer interface is a low-cost solution to digitise signals produced by seismometers. Data from one of two input channels can be sent to a computer via a USB-C connection or via UART to a Raspberry Pi (when used as a HAT).

The firmware for the SeismicStream interface can be updated via USB (see datasheet for more information).

This affordable seismometer interface has been designed as a replacement for our old SeismicPi HAT. It provides an easy way to extract and make sense of the signals produced by either our own seismometer kits or other commercial seismometers/geophones.

Sensors can be connected to the SeismicStream either via a 3.5mm jack or via a terminal block, providing compatibility for a large range of devices. The signals are processed on board, with help from an RP2040 chip and then sent onwards either via a USB-C connection (virtual COM port) or Raspberry Pi HAT (UART).

Data can be collected and interpreted using the jAmaSeis software or if you want to just view the incoming data, we have produced a quick webpage which utilises WebSerial (USB-C connections).

This pack includes:

  • 1 x SeismicStream seismometer interface

We also supply a case and Raspberry Pi fixings set to provide protection to your interface, or mount it to a Raspberry Pi.

Datasheet: SeismicStreamTechnical_V1.pdf