Build your own Seismometer Kit

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Detect earthquakes from around the world with this amazing kit built from LEGO parts!


  • 50 Lego pieces
  • Copper coil
  • Copper damper
  • Magnet
  • Clear plastic cover to protect from air movement
  • Counterweight
  • Spring steel

Needs additional electronics (interface/digitiser) to capture data.

Instructions PDF

The ‘Build your own seismometer’ was designed in collaboration with the British Geological Survey’s school seismology project . The simple design converts vertical ground vibrations into voltages and works in the frequency range 1-2Hz up to 25 Hz, when combined with the mindsets digitiser and the free educational datalogging software jamaseis the system allows schools and home users to set up their own seismic monitoring station

Since the sensor responds to relatively high frequency signals (for seismology) it works best as a tool for sensing vibrations from local sources. The initial design was used in Leicester as part of the Leicester City football quake project where vardyquakes are detected up to a couple of km from the football stadium every time Leicester score a home goal.


The sensor can also detect other local noise sources like freight trains (again up to a couple of km from the tracks) or other manmade noise sources (like students or traffic). Two or three times each year we would expect to record a signal from a small (M3) UK earthquake.

LCFC Trains

About once or twice per month a large (>M6 ) earthquake will happen somewhere in the world at a time when most schools are closed and quiet .

M6.3 Pakistan

Surprisingly it is possible for these lego sensors to detect the P waves arriving from earthquakes as distant as Chile, Japan or Indonesia. P waves are longitudinal seismic waves that travel through the earth and can reach a seismic station on the other side of the world in about 10 minutes. Because it does not record signals with frequencies below 1Hz this sensor does not register seismic S waves or Surface waves from distant events.


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