Mini datalogger Light (logarithmic)

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  • Record up to 16,384 samples
  • Measure illuminance from 5 lux to 70 klux (logarithmic response).
  • Can optionally set a start date and time.
  • Inbuilt power supply – no cables required
  • Simple to program with FREE software

The sample rate can be set between once per second and once every hour, hence, the 16,384 sample memory can store from 4 hours to almost 2 years of data!

The Mindsets mini datalogger is an indispensable tool for all manner of investigations and experiments. The datalogger is in the form of a USB stick, so no cables are required to retrieve data or configure the device.

The sensor, memory and battery are all encapsulated on a single circuit so no additional hardware is required (battery life is estimated at 2 to 3 years and is replaceable).

The dataloggers may be used outside or in a liquid if protected in a self–seal bag or container.

Mini Datalogger Software


If you have installed a version of the software using the older installer (version 2.4.3 and earlier), please uninstall this before using the MSI installer above. Mini Datalogger PDF

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