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As a part of a new feature, we have decided that every few months we will hold an in-house design competition. To kick things off, we are starting with our Uncased USB Memory Stick. We have set ourselves the task of designing and then making a case for the memory stick. We haven’t given ourselves a particular medium to work with, but I can guarantee that there will be at least a 3D printer and a laser cutter involved!

At the end of the month, when everybody has finished, we will hold an online poll to allow the internet to decide the winner!

Any updates on the task will be posted here, or on social media.

19/1/18 – We have an update. At approximately 13:37 an email was sent by one of the competitors, hinting at the progress they had made. We think he was feeling brave as it was his birthday…

2/3/18- After what seems to have been a very long and busy start to the year, everyone involved in the competition has finally had the time to work on their memory stick masterpieces.

In between staying warm, and all of our usual tasks, we have managed to find time to design and make our entries to the USB Case-off challenge.  It was a tougher process than any of us imagined, and there was definitely a lot of trial and error involved! Measuring accurately was one of the most important aspects of this challenge, with most of us having to work to the nearest 100μm (micrometer or 1/10mm)!


Here is Mike’s entry to the competition. He has designed a snail-like 3d printed case. He has also embedded a piece of fibre optic on the memory stick’s LED, so that it glows when in use.

Here is Dan’s entry. He glued together layers of laser-cut plywood, which he then sanded and oiled to create this wooden case.

Glyn also opted for the use of a laser cutter with his entry. He has glued layers of acrylic together , with two memory sticks, to create this practical set of spanners.

Here is Sonia’s entry to the competition. She has designed and laser cut an MDF ice-cream! And like the other laser cut entries, she has utilised layers and glue to create the case.

and the winner is...

It was close, but with 40% of the votes, Dan has been crowned the winner!

If you want to have a go at your own memory stick case, then check these out:

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