Make a 7-Segment Display with the Crumble

Here is our latest Crumble project, hot off the press!

Once again it all started with an idea. We wanted a better way of displaying numbers (and some letters) with the Crumble – and that got us thinking. In essence a 7-segment display is made of seven bars, which get lit up. So we decided to give it a go.

We started out with all of our resources. Along with this we used a glue gun and a pen.

After cutting out our templates, we stuck down borders around each segment and the whole display.

This is the basic ‘shell’ of the 7-segment display. It just needs Sparkles, and a paper covering to diffuse the light.

We then wired up the display, Starting with 0 at the top and working in an anti-clockwise spiral shape, connected them all together, gluing a card support to hold the Sparkles in place.

After wiring it up, connecting to the Crumble and programming it, we have our very own 9 second timer – using real numbers!

If you would like more information about this project and others, most of which include  free lesson plans, PowerPoints and worksheets, head on over to Redfern Electronics, our partner site and home of the Crumble.

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