Smart Putty (20 Grams)

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‘Silly putty’ or ‘bouncy putty’ has long been available as an amusement but this type of material – properly known as visco-elastic polymer or dilatant compound – has serious engineering applications.

Soft , stretchy and bendy when moved slowly; solid when trying to move quickly or impacted…

It has the remarkable property that it usually behaves as a soft mouldable plastic (like chewing gum), but instantly becomes a rubber if impacted: i.e., it bounces like a ball. One of its uses in engineering is to assist in the machining of turbine blades! It is loaded with grit and injected under high pressure into the small bore cooling channels that are cast into the turbine blades for cooling. The unique rheological properties of the putty are ideally suited for the purpose of polishing the channel walls. Proposed uses in design and technology include: demonstration of an unusual polymer; product sample for toy design and packing projects; unusual products that utilise the inherent properties such as very slow flow or ‘creep’. Qty: 20g. supplied in a plastic container.

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