Polyox (50 Grams)

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Polyox (polyethylene oxide) is a non-toxic, long-chain polymer with a high molar mass. Because of extensive hydrogen bonding, it is soluble in water. A solution of Polyox (approximately 1% w/v) behaves as an ‘elastic liquid’ i.e. it ‘self-siphons’.

If you quickly drag some of the solution from a beaker with a spatula or spoon, it will continue to move out of the beaker. You can even draw it up into a syringe even though the tip of the syringe is above the liquid level.

Molecular mass = 4,000,000 g/mol.

(5 g is sufficient to make about 500 cm3 of the fluid.)

Supplied in 50g pack.

Bulk orders will be supplied in a single bag.

Please note: Propan–2–ol is required for use with this item but should be available at most schools. Use of a magnetic stirrer is recommended.