Hovercraft Kit

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Our new and improved Hovercraft kit!

We’ve worked on improving the design of our low-cost hovercraft kit so that as well as being easier to put together, it works much better too. This simple to put together kit will have you discovering the ‘hovercraft principle’ in no time! In the mid 1950s the British radio engineer Christopher Cockerell developed a jet system which he called the ‘hovercraft principle’. His experiments used an electric blower and two tin cans, one inside the other, to show the principle.

The kit includes:

  • 3mm Corrugated Card templates
  • 2AA switched battery box
  • MM12 motor
  • 5″, three blade propeller
  • Motor tag connectors
  • Self-seal bag and skirt template.

You will need some AA batteries, sticky tape and scissors to put the kit together.