Cardboard Laminated Glider (Pack of 10)

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A pack of 10 pre-cut cardboard laminated gliders. Each glider measures approximately 200mm x 240mm and is made from seven pieces of die-cut card. Simply pop-out the pieces of card and use a glue stick (not included) to ‘laminate’ (glue) them together.

This low-cost STEM activity, originally designed for the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Connecting STEM Teachers (CST) program, provides an easy-to-build method of contextualising the forces involved within flight, as well as overcoming problems and engineering challenges. It provides a welcome and more sustainable alternative to the polystyrene gliders of old. Whilst the glider has been carefully designed using 3D modelling to provide the perfect flight, multiple variables can be investigated and changed to determine their impact on the glider’s performance e.g. adding camber to the wings, changing the dihedral angle or tweaking centre of mass. You can also use the premarked ‘flaps’ to investigate the effects of adding ailerons to the wings, elevators to the horizontal stabiliser, or a rudder to the vertical stabiliser. Finally, the very art of launching the glider can provide a point of discussion – too little thrust and you won’t generate enough lift. Too much and your glider will climb uncontrollably before ‘stalling’ or even worse, simply tumbling out of the sky. The uncoated white card also allows for easy decoration to add a more personal touch.

Further information about the kit along with its educational uses can be found here.

This pack contains:

  • 10 die-cut cardboard laminated gliders.

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