Using the Low-Cost FM Radio Module

Great news! We’re having a bit of a clear-out in the warehouse and as such, we have lots of fantastic deals. One of the items on offer is our Low-Cost FM Radio Module. Originally based on a commercial PCB, this module is a complete working FM Radio. It scans at the push of a button, and locks onto stations automatically.

It is a great starting point for design-based lessons, and given that there is now nearly 40% off of the RRP, it is great value for money too.

Our Low-Cost FM Radio Module

We thought that we’d have a quick go at making out own housing for the radio module. We set our sights on a simple cubic design, with a base containing the ‘Scan’ and ‘Reset’ buttons. We designed a 2D template for the main cardboard body, and then we 3D printed our other parts to make a base with buttons, a volume dial and a speaker mount.

The inside of our FM Radio

We mounted all of the internal parts to the main body, mostly using nuts and bolts. After this, we glued the body together.

Once the body had dried, we put it onto out mount. To get the effect on the switches, we used some correction fluid, which we then sanded back once it had dried. This gave us an interesting effect; almost shabby-chic.

Our finished FM Radio

Once it’s all built, it’s just a case of switching it on and tuning into your favourite stations.

If you have a go at any design work using our radio module, or any other project, we’d love to see! Get in contact with us via email, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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