Ideas for the Sound Recorder Module

Aim of project: To design and create a voice-recording product

Project Outline:

  • Research existing ‘talking tile’ style products;
  • Design a product which embeds the voice recording module;
  • Make the product;
  • Evaluate the product against design criteria.

Resources Needed:

  • Sound Recording Module;
  • Materials to produce the product.

The main idea behind this product is to design and create a type of ‘talking tile’ in which the user is able to record their voice and if desired, attach an image to the front.

Potential audiences:

  • Young children learning to read/vocabulary improvement;
  • SEND children to assist with communicating (augmentative and alternative communication);
  • Those with memory impairments;
  • Carers for those with Alzheimers/Dementia.

This is an example of the design process in D&T. It can be simplified into design –> make –> evaluate.

To make our product, we need to look into existing products, develop our design specification, plan it, make it and then evaluate it.

design process

Here is an example of how you could embed the sound recording module within a designed product:

1We started off with an initial sketch of our design.

2 We then drew what we imagined the base to look like.

3 After our initial design, we decided to refine it further.

4Then we thought about how our cross section would work.

5After this, we mocked up a 3D design using Tinker Cad.

6We then created a mock-up in cardboard. This definitely allows you to see any mistakes that may be made!

7We made some adjustments to our design, and got it ready for the laser cutter.

8 After the acrylic pieces were cut, we removed all of the protective coating.

9Next, we prepared our circuit to add in a power switch. We also swapped over the record switch.

10Then we connected our components together, and glued all of the pieces.

11And there we have it, our finished recording box. We made a few discoveries along the way, and as such our design changed repeatedly. To add an image or text to this, we could blu-tack it on, or use velcro. It has been a good learning exercise, and upon reflection we would not use hot glue to connect the pieces, as it was messy and we didn’t get the desired finish.

2 thoughts on “Ideas for the Sound Recorder Module

  1. Was the acrylic sheet from the Mindsets range? If so what is its product number? What model of laser cutter was used for the cutting?

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    The brown acrylic is CS6-031, it was cut on our Trotec Speedy 300.



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