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This low-cost wind turbine was developed for educational use at British Council events. It comes as a complete easy-to-assemble unit capable of powering a buzzer,

LED or solar motor. The unit will generate enough power to light an LED when placed in front of a domestic fan.

The turbine unit comprises six 3mm corriflute blades each of which can be separately angled by twisting on their aluminium spokes.

This facilitates several performance investigations. If the blades are angled too steeply, for example, the turbine slows because of drag.

Other variables can be introduced by cutting different sized blades from our standard 3mm corriflute . The wind turbine has many uses in both

science and design and technology, and is now available at approximately one third of the cost of comparable demonstration units.

Note that this kit has also been adapted and is available as a ready-assembled unit to accompany the SEP publication ‘Wind Power’.

Details of the SEP wind turbine can be found HERE .