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Inspired by our ever-popular Rocket Factory, the Rocket Car system provides fantastic design and make opportunities for individual pupils challenged to improve performance or for whole-group competitions. It can be used indoors and is just as motivational as the Rocket Factory.

Like the rockets, cars can be manufactured around ultra–low cost rolled paper tubes capped at one end. The variables affecting performance include wheel types, bearings, body design, overall weight and even suspension. The launcher air pressure can be varied (and monitored using the built in pressure gauge) so that a typical car will travel slowly just a few metres or at very high speed several tens of metres.

Please note: This cannot be used for rockets because of anti–tilt safety requirements.

The starter pack includes all you need to get started with the Rocket Car system, except a foot pump.

The pack includes:

  • Launcher
  • Firing box (requires 2 x PP3 batteries)
  • Car body mandrel
  • Sample nose caps
  • Corriflute base
  • Wheels and axles

Please note: a suitable footpump is required such as TA1 002.

* Please allow up to four weeks for delivery of this product.

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