Rechargeable Solar Buggy

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Designed in collaboration with the Opto-electronics College for the purpose of investigating solar cells, this buggy includes a solar panel, a 1F super capacitor and a small circuit board for switching between the ‘charge’ and ‘run’ modes.

In ‘charge’ mode the capacitor charges up via the solar panel.
In ‘run’ mode the solar panel is disconnected and the capacitor powers a small solar motor to propel the buggy forwards.

Experiments include:

• charging the solar panel under different types of light source, e.g. tungsten, fluorescent, etc
• investigating distance travelled against charge time,
• exploring the effects of coloured filters with the solar panel,
• investigating the effect of charging at various distances from the light source

The buggy is supplied fully assembled and ready to use.
For more details about the Optoelectronics College and the Solar Cells in Action project please see the website: