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A book describing the most exotic metals currently available to designers and engineers includes an astonishing material described as rigid origami sheet: ‘twist it, wrap it and it will always hold its shape’. Based on 0.02mm gauge aluminium foil with a matt black polymer coating both sides, it feels and behaves like a metal/paper/plastic hybrid!

The material, which comes from Hollywood in the US, originated in the film industry where it’s used for instant adjustments for spotlights. But it clearly has hundreds of others including:

• Modelling metal structures (it crumples and behaves to scale)
• Making actual models – e.g., the metal equivalent of paper planes
• Protoyping torches and lamps (it is heat resistant)
• Solar heating equipment (it has excellent heat absorption and can literally be wrapped around heat exchanger pipes etc.)
• Pin hole cameras and similar optical applications
• Jewellery

The roll is 300mm wide and approximately 16 metres in length giving a massive total area of approximately 50 square feet or 5 square metres.