Flat LED Torch Kit (Pack of 10)

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We often struggle in the dark but need just a tiny amount of light to see what we are doing – e.g., getting a key into a lock. It is now possible to buy coin-size torches that fit on a key ring. They can even appear as gifts in Christmas crackers.

Why use an LED in a flat torch?
A few years ago LEDs were only used as indicator lights on radios etc. Now they are bright enough for lighting the home. LEDs have replaced the older filament bulbs because they use less electricity, are brighter, cheaper and last much longer. You can make a very simple LED torch just by squeezing the legs of an LED to touch the two sides of a coin-sized battery. A separate switch is not needed.

Making the torch into a product
The outer paper or card is ideal for a graphic design. This might be drawn by hand, created and printed using a computer or, for example, be printed as a photograph from a smart phone. Your torch graphics can be designed with different people in mind – e.g., as a promotional item for a business or club. It might even be make to look like something else such as a train ticket.

Please Note: Images are for illustration purposes only and are intended as suggestions for possible designs.
Please see below for list of parts included.

Class Pack
The Flat LED Torch kit contains sufficient components for 10 pupils : 10 ultra-bright LEDs, 10 coin cells (3V lithium) 10 pre-cut card and a project information sheet.