Global STEM Award

The Global STEM Award has been developed by UKSTEM in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton and Mindsets.

The award scheme rewards children’s problem-solving abilities, all whilst putting STEM into context.¬† Pupils are able to claim awards as they complete diverse and creative STEM projects¬† through three tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Students can achieve the Global STEM award by completing a series of small projects based around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Each project is supported by resources to enhance teaching and learning. You may have noticed that a few of our products now have a purple ‘Global STEM’ banner. These kits are forming the basis for some of the award’s project ideas.

How do students complete a Global STEM award?

Students work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

To achieve a Bronze award, students complete 2 small projects based on different contexts and locations. For a Silver award, it’s 4 projects , and for Gold it’s 7.

The location must be different for each project, and there are a wide range to choose from:

North America

South America








Then choose from a range of relevant contexts:

Health and Nutrition









For example, a student might choose ‘Marine’ as a location and ‘Conservation’ as a context. They complete a project exploring the effect of microbeads on ocean and marine life. They could choose ‘South America’ and ‘Entertainment’ and create an animatronic carnival float or fairground ride.

As part of their project, they research at least two careers associated with their chosen area of interest. They present what they have learnt perhaps in an assembly, with a wall display or even a song!

The Global STEM Award also supports schools to achieve the ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’ for good career guidance. It recognises than an essential part of preparation for a student’s future is for them to gain an understanding of the types of careers that are available to them after they leave school. Within the award, there is a requirement for them to research STEM career pathways as a part of their project.

How long should a project take?

The suggested working time for each project is six hours, but this is down to your discretion. If you think your student has put in the work to deserve the Award, so does UKSTEM!

How do I register for a Global STEM Award?

It’s really easy! Simply register yourself as a GSA Leader with UKSTEM at You will be then be able to register your students and purchase your first Awards.

Who is the Global STEM Award aimed at?

The Awards are designed with Key Stage 2 and 3 in mind, but they can be easily adapted to cater for students of other ages.