Test Tube Wonders Lab In A Bag

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15 great activities in one little bag! Make up a pile of Insta-Snow. Experiment with waterproof sand. Use the sun to make white beads instantly change colors. Grow a test tube dinosaur. Learn how to make water disappear. Make squishy jelly crystals, color them and make your own rainbow tube. Ages 8 and up.

What’s included?
• Insta–Snow • Energy Beads
• Growing Dino • Rainbow Crystals
• Magic Sand

What does it teach?
With the Lab in a Bag Test Tube Wonder kit, you can perform experiments with the included materials as well as the following test tube experiments…

• Discovery Tube • Liquid Laboratory
• Roots with a View • Time Capsule
• Make your own Twister • Sands of Time
• Marble Challenge • Flower Holder
• Rain Gauge • Message in a Bottle
• Pop Goes the Weasel • Travel Containers
• Glitter Wand • Magnifying Glass
• Rhythm Tube • Color Mixing with your Eyes