Spin Art Machine (10 Pack)

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If a liquid is dropped onto a spinning plate, it spreads out towards the edge. If several different coloured paints are dropped on they can form spectacular patterns. Since this was first demonstrated almost 50 years ago, many artists, like Damien Hirst, have been using the technique to make amazing images. Spin painting is now a serious and expensive art form – as well as entertaining for those who get involved.

Why a spin art machine?
Spin art needs fast rotation – up to 1000 rpm. This can be achieved by hand or, for example, mounting a turntable on an electric motor. Such machines can be very expensive, but you can make one for much less that uses only one AA battery to give a paper speed (at the edge) of nearly 25 miles per hour!

Strange fact: The corners of your paper will be moving at nearly 25 miles per hour!
To confirm this, have a look at the following calculation – assuming the paper measures 280mm or 0.28 metres across the corners:
0.28m x Pi (3.142) x speed (900rpm) = 791 metres per minute.
Multiply by 60 minutes = 47,500 metres per hour (or approx. 25 mph).

Please Note: Images are for illustration purposes only and are intended as suggestions for possible designs.
Please see below for list of parts included.

10 Pack
The Spin Art Machine kit contains sufficient components for 10 pupils : 10 electric motors, 30 roller pins, 10 laser-cut motor mount ring sets and a project information sheet.

(Connecting wire shown not included. See code EC1 001 or EC1 001F)