Solar Fan Kit

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  • Small motor with solar panel and propeller
  • Great for modelling, experiments, and educational use
  • Operating voltage between 1.5V and 4.5V
  • Rotations per minute of up to 1,600
  • Torque of up to
  • Motor can be run solely off the solar panel in bright sunlight

What can this kit make?
Build your own solar powered fan and harness the power of the sun.
No batteries required!
The solar panel can provide the power to keep it going even in relatively low light conditions.
The fan is easy to assemble and doesn’t need soldering, the wires are connected with terminal blocks provided. 

What sort of motor does it use?
The solar fan comes with a compact 24.4mm diameter motor that is just 12.8mm long, great for mounting inside project boxes or for small models.
The motor can reach up to 1,600 r.p.m. and up to and runs off a 1.5-4.5V power source.

Screwdriver and instruction sheet are provided.