Solar Concept Vehicle (Gift Boxed)

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This amazing solar-powered model has been designed for Mindsets by product designer Neal Turner – whose work took centre stage at the 2012 international Kinetica exhibition.

Neal has designed a concept vehicle, of which this is the working model, to demonstrate that wheels can function using rim bearings rather than a conventional bearing at the centre (hubless wheel).

The model itself was originally conceived as an executive toy, but we think the styling can provide design inspiration for pupils and, at the same time, illustrate the creative potential of the laser cutter. Powered by a single solar cell, the beautifully engineered and detailed vehicle comes as a kit of parts that can be assembled in approximately 30 minutes.

The model is powered by a single solar cell that stores energy in a supercapacitor.

When the capacitor is charged, it is simply switched over to drive the motor.

A small amount of soldering is required.

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