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Holographic images are now commonplace as security devices on banknotes, credit cards – and they even feature on new postage stamps. The technology used to reproduce this imagery is widely applied in the creation of much larger films used for packaging – e.g. the plastic bags and wrapping paper that exhibit the optical pyrotechnics of a CD surface. This thin film is used in the creation of packaging and other consumer products. The spectacular optical effects, including illusions of movement and depth, offer limitless applications in design and technology.

What is the material?
Smart Images film comprises a thin clear polyester carrier and a highly reflective metal foil whose surface is embossed on a micro–scale. The fineness of the embossing is such that light reflected from its surface is subject to thin film interference – a similar phenomenon to the colours arising from oil on water. The film is manufactured to enable the metal foil to be transferred from the polyester carrier onto another surface such as paper to make wrapping paper, plastic bags etc. This is achieved commercially using a heat process but, by way of experiment, you can detach the foil by lifting it off with Sellotape or anything with a sticky back.

Each sheet is 305mm wide and is sold by the metre.

The Smart Images Starter Pack contains 6 sample film patterns each 305mm x 0.5m and includes a robust packing/storage tube.

The Smart Images Class Pack contains 6 film patterns each 305mm x 5m and includes a robust packing/storage tube.