Silk Cocoons (Pack of 10)

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These are the source for all silk thread and fabrics and reveal something of the amazing story of silk. To unwind the silk, simply place the cocoon in very hot water for about 1 minute and then pick up a loose end of the wrapping and lift it vertically. As you lift the silk will come away in a continuous thread – for up to 0.5 mile!

The material itself has one of the highest strength to weight ratios known and past uses reflect this – e.g., it has been employed for armour, parachutes and (in single strands) for cross wires in scientific instruments. The raw cocoons – which have the ‘feel’ of small hard eggshells – have recently found new and unusual uses in product design including diffusers for LED lighting. Each cocoon measures approximately 24mm. Sold in pack of 10.