SeismicPi HAT

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The SeismicPi HAT is designed to allow data from all four input channels or, alternatively, from the on-board accelerometer to be outputted in realtime to a computer.

Data can be sent over a USB Virtual Com Port or the UART directly into a Raspberry Pi via the HAT connector. I.e. the SeismicPi HAT be used via USB, without connection to a Raspberry Pi, or mounted on a Raspberry Pi without a USB connection.

For backwards compatibility with other digitisers, the SeismicPi HAT can optionally output a single channel of data (channel 0).

The firmware for the SeismicPi HAT can be updated via an SD card (see datasheet for more information).


Datasheet: SeismicPi_Datasheet_27-10-18.pdf

Latest firmware:

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