Rubber Tyre, 80 x 35 x 42mm Inner

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Two pneumatic-style rubber tyres of the type used on expensive radio controlled cars. These tyres are the same quality, but a fraction of the cost. The aggressive-looking spikes are popular for their looks but also functional because the turning/rolling resistance is virtually zero. This is especially useful for two-wheeled vehicles when one wheel is held stationary during a turn. At the same time, the spikes enable the tyres to climb over obstacles.

Both tyres invite the creation of flanged wheel centres or two–part wheels. Because the tyres have a deep recess on each side, the latter is easily achieved by making a ‘wheel’ from two separate disks – one for each side. These can be cut out using a lathe, CNC milling machine – or even laser cutter. Alternatively, the inserts can be made manually. One simple method – simulating rapid prototyping – is to cut out a series of disks from thin card and laminate them using the new PVC glue stick. A disk of material such as mirror styrene or the new TEP chameleon card for the outer surface completes a very attractive wheel. Note that our 39mm wheels (code: CW3 027a) provide a ready–made centre for the small tyre.

Outer diameter: 80mm
Inner diameter: 42mm
Width: 35mm

Tyres are sold individually. Wheels are for illustrative purposes and are not included with the tyres.