Ro-batt Shield (Arduino Compatible)

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The Ro-batt shield provides an all-in-one solution to Arduino™ based robotics projects. Batteries, motor drivers and servo connections are all on the one shield. The on-board 4xAA battery pack supplies the motor driver and servos directly. A boost convertor increases the battery voltage to supply the Arduino through the Vin pin; this means an Arduino with a Ro-batt shield can be safely plugged into the USB port while developing firmware.

• Battery power, motor driver and servo connections on one shield: no need for a separate power supply for your project!

• Up to three servos can be connected using the on-board headers.

• Two motors can be connected via terminal blocks.

• Forward, reverse and PWM motor control is possible (maximum 1A per motor).

• The on-board on-off switch will disconnect the batteries, saving power when not in use.

• Pads are available to connect an external on-off switch.

• A single terminal block provides an easy way to connect an input for simple projects.

• Pads are also available for unused Arduino pins.

• Designed to be compatible with the new version of Flowino software for easy programming of servos, motors etc. Also compatible with Arduino programming software.

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