Rail Racer Timer

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The Rail Racer Timer provides an accurate reading of the time taken for the vehicles to cover a given distance from the moment the ‘go’ light turns green. The time is displayed in hundredths of a second on large (55mm) LED segments.

When the cars are ready to be launched, the button can be pressed to start the 3-2-1 countdown. After the countdown (effectively on zero) the row of green “go” LEDs briefly turn on and the timer starts. The left and right timers will stop independently when the car reaches the “dead” section of track. The quickest time will flash twice. The timer will also stop counting if 9.99 seconds have elapsed. Once the timer has stopped, the start button can be pressed to clear the time to 0.00 before starting the timer again.

A basic framework to support the timer over the track is supplied, which can be enhanced in school.

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