Paper Plane Booster (Pack of 10)

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Want to make your paper planes fly further for longer?
This simple but elegant solution could be the answer.

Forms the basis of a great classroom or home activity involving experimentation, testing and design challenges.

How far forward does the booster need to be for the balance to be right?
Would a shorter straw be better or worse?
Is it better to have a glider or dart-like plane?
How will you secure your booster?
Would you need a propeller with larger or smaller blades?
Should the propeller be used to pull or push the plane?

Great fun and very competitive!

Includes 10 sets of: Micro Motor, Super Capacitor, Micro Propeller, Cable Ties, Straw, Battery case (requires AA batteries) and length of wire.

Instructions on basic construction are also included.

Instructions PDF