Mono Preamp Kit

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A simple universal preamp with adjustable output level
(gain typically 100).

Can be run off a range of voltages from 3V to 25

30w mono pre-amp 

  • Boost a mono audio input to 30W
  • Single channel (mono) amplifier
  • Simple to solder with 15 parts
  • Requires a 10-44V power supply and a heatsink (not included,heatsink Order Code RN90X)

What can I do with this kit?
Boost a mono audio input to output to a speaker (not included). Amplify your audio input up to 32W with a supply voltage of 44V into an 8 ohmload. This kit works on a single channel, making it ideal for monodevices. This compact board, just 56 x 54mm, can fit in almostanywhere – even with a heatsink. With 15 parts this is a great kit forthose looking to get more practise with soldering or audio enthusiasts.

What can I learn from this kit?
Use resistors, capacitors and a microchip to create a circuit to boost your audio input. Get experience with soldering these common components and see how they fit together into a circuit. The circuit takes a small signal and amplifies it without changing the pattern. The

kit is built around the TDA2050V integrated circuit. IC chips create heat-in amplifiers requiring a heatsink to remove the heat from the circuit and prevent damageto the electronics. Your output from this circuit will depend on your input and the power supply used. This kit requires a soldering iron and solder, and may require wire cutters.