IQ4 Programmable Controller

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The IQ4 is the latest in our line of easy-to-use controllers. It is simply programmed using the on-board buttons, without the need for a computer.

The two high-power outputs can be used to control motors, buzzers, lights and so on. Each output is capable of driving a motor forward or backward with the direction simply set using the reverse button. The analogue input can be used directly with LDRs, thermistors and similar sensors, as well as switches.

The input threshold can also be programmed making the controller extremely versatile.

A set of instructions and a publication full of project ideas is available to download for FREE (See Downloads tab below).

Features include:
• simple on–board programming
• retention of programs when switched off
• analogue input that can be used directly with LDRs, thermistors and similar sensors (as well as switch based sensors)
• analogue threshold can be set to suit application and sensor
• 2 outputs each capable of forward–reverse motor control (1A per output)
• good immunity to “dirty” motors
• speed control of programs
• compact size: 34.29mm x 45.72mm
• battery or PSU operation: 3v – 6v

Systems and Control with the IQ4 PDF IQ4 Instructions PDF