Hyperscope, Small

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The unique Hyperscope , assembled in minutes (no glue required), opens a window on another world of heightened 3 dimensional experience.

Eye-opening fun experiments included.

By optically increasing the distance between your eyes the HYPERSCOPE extends your vision and remaps space in new and visually exciting ways.  Three dimensional space becomes bigger while objects seem smaller but more dramatic, and you will be able to appreciate three dimensional form at much greater distances. You will also notice changes in proportion: friends will have Cyrano de Bergerac noses, and if you look at your feet, they will look smaller, more remote, but somehow deeper – a kind of “Through the Looking Glass” experience. Try asking a friend to stand about 10 feet away and stretch their hand out towards you, noting that instead of their hand looking larger as you would expect, it is smaller – why?  Next, test their ability to catch a ball. Most people find this difficult to do while looking through the Hyperscope, and withdraw their hands from the path the ball is following, just as they are about to catch it.

There is also an intriguing difference in your eye-level, and you will realise that some complex three-dimensional structures are much clearer, easier to understand.

Normal vision can percieve stereoscopic information up to 100 metres. with this Hyperscope you can percieve up to 320 metres.

This Hyperscope will fill a space of 270mm x 90mm x 60mm when constructed.

This enhancement of your perception is a direct result of the increase in the effective distance between your eyes from the average of 65mm to approximately 225mm when looking through the Hyperscope, causing greater binocular disparity and accessing processing capacity that is normally used only for viewing targets that are very close. During the first two years of life, the eye-brain system generates a great deal of processing capacity, much of it remaining unused unless presented with unusual inputs. the visual system handles between 75 to 80 per cent of all the data the brain receives about the world around us, and demonstrates in many ways, extraordinary plasticity.

Best of all however is the pleasure in discovering so effortlessly such intense and sustained 3 dimensional visual experiences.

The HYPERSCOPE can also help to clarify complicated two-dimensional images such as PDI’s Perceived Depth Images), or stereograms, the richly textured images which spring into 3D when viewed correctly, and which have become so popular. The ability to see them still eludes some people, but the HYPERSCOPE can be used to help you see them as you are meant to. Place the image to be viewed on a suitable surface, a table or even better a wall, and looking through the HYPERSCOPE, move towards it until double vision occurs. Move backwards and forwards until the images fuse, and the image will “click” into sharp relief.

Falling naturally into the category of behavioural science, the HYPERSCOPE has applications in many areas as a teaching aid, such as Art, Mathematics, Psychology, Physics and Sport.