Hybrid Water Rocket Caps x 5.

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Using a simple low-cost conversion kit, our ever popular Rocket Factory can now be used to launch water rockets to tremendous altitudes.

The system works as follows:
A fizzy drinks bottle is partially filled with water and slipped over the launch tube where it is sealed with a specially adapted bottle lid. The Rocket Factory is compressed as normal but when the solenoid valve is triggered, compressed air rapidly passes into the top of the bottle causing

(a) the bottle to slide upwards and

(b) injecting sufficient compressed air to give a true water reaction effect when the bottle leaves the tube.

This combination of initial ‘pistonic’ acceleration along the tube followed by a true jet reaction gives water rockets using this system astonishing performance. Also, unlike many other water rocket systems which depend on pressure build–up for triggering the launch, the Rocket Factory firing system gives absolute control over timing the release.

Practically any fizzy drinks bottle can be used to make water rockets and their performance – both up and down – can be endlessly modified by additions such as fins or wings that, for example, might provide spin or gliding characteristics. Also, because a true rocket reaction effect is involved, there are endless opportunities for analysing, modifying and improving performance. This is clearly of interest to science as well as design and technology specialists.

This rocket conversion kit comprises:

• 1 bottle–diameter launch tube,

• 3 special bottle caps (which are used to fit the sealing tubes to the bottle rockets),

• a three metre extension lead for the firing unit and

• 1 set of instructions to get you started.

Spare sets of 5 bottle caps are available separately in the drop–down menu.