Falling Ball Viscometer

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This piece of equipment enables the viscosity of different fluids to be found by making accurate measurements of the time taken for a small ball to fall through it (see the ‘Go with the flow CD-ROM’). The fluid is contained in a clear acrylic tube, and the adjustable entry tube is also clear acrylic so that the point of entry into the fluid can be accurately timed. At the base of the tube, the ball falls into a sump and is released by opening a clip on a short length of soft tubing (not supplied). In practice, this also releases a small quantity of the fluid. It is supplied with 6 stainless steel balls (3 mm diameter) and 6 acrylic balls (3.2 mm diameter).

Please note: Soft tubing with 6mm inner diameter and standard laboratory tube clip are required. In addition, a clamp stand is needed to hold the 250mm length tube vertically. * Please allow up to four weeks for delivery of this product.