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Digital music player: a unique product design opportunity

This high-specification module gives pupils and students the opportunity to design and make their very own iPod-type media player.

The module consists of a fully working PCB – including push-button control switches – that invites the creation of a case or housing to complete it as a wearable or other type of product. This can be achieved, for example, by 3D printing or using a laser cutter to make a sandwich construction.

The media player can be used with the stereo amplifier (stock no. 211-200) to give superb sound quality via a pair of loudspeakers as well as directly via ear pieces.

The digital media player offers exciting opportunities for product design.

The media player is supplied with a 2AA battery box (requires soldering). It is also available in a starter set and a class set.

Downloading audio to the Digital Music Player

Loading audio files onto the digital media player is straightforward.

1. Save the audio tracks in Ogg Vorbis format (.ogg). This can be done using a range of freely available audio software such as Audacity.

2. Connect the digital media player to your computer. The player appears on the desktop in the same way as a USB memory stick. Simply drag the required audio files into the media player folder. The player can then be unplugged from the computer and is ready to use.

Technical specifications include:

• Power supply: 1.2V to 3.8V (e.g. a single AAA battery).
• Uses the Ogg Vorbis compression standard.
• 128MB onboard storage (approx. 4 albums worth).
• Pads available to connect external switches and status LED.
• Typical current consumption (at 3V, default volume): 35mA
• PCB Dimensions: 60mm x 31mm
• Height: 7mm (at headphone socket).

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