Bare Conductive Electric Paint, 10ml Pen

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This non-toxic conductive ink is the ideal medium for painting conductive tracks on materials such as card, paper, fabrics and plastic sheeting. It also works as a conductive glue so it can be used to attach components to any of these surfaces. Depending on width and thickness of the painted line, it provides sufficient conductivity to create circuits for high-bright LEDs, buzzers and solar motors – and can be used in a multitude of more advanced electronics contexts.

The ink is water–soluble and can be used without gloves or mask. Once applied it dries quickly at room temperature, and can be removed with soap and water. Uses include: drawing circuits, cold soldering, attaching components, and many more! Please note that for textiles work (e.g. use on t–shirts) it is suggested that circuits are constructed on a removable panel (velcro, press studs, etc) so that the textile can be separately washed.

The pen works in the same way as glitter glue pens and contains 10ml of conductive ink.