C21 Vibro Bug (Class Pack)

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Please Note: Images are for illustration purposes only and are intended as suggestions for possible designs.
Please see below for list of parts included.

Vibration in machinery is normally considered a big problem. Washing machines with an uneven load can be damaged through excess vibration. Vibration in other machines can cause noise, parts becoming loose – and sometimes break-up. Sometimes vibration can be useful: for example, the vibration of a mobile phone in silent mode.

Why a Vibro-bug?
Vibration can be a very cheap way of making things move – especially toys. These are sometimes designed to jump around or move in a straight line when they vibrate. All that is needed is a small unbalanced weight (or mass) attached to a motor. When the mass spins, it causes a rapid shaking movement – like an unbalanced car wheel.

Vibro-bug Mechanism
Anything that the basic bug mechanism is fixed to will vibrate. If this is a small plate with springy legs, the whole thing will jump around at random. If the legs are made from soft plastic and curved (e.g., plastic tubing), the bug will turn around in circles because the bottom of the legs will stick on a surface for a moment and then slip – again and again very quickly.

Class Pack
The Vibro bug kit contains sufficient components for 30 pupils: 30 electric motors, 30 battery boxes (1.5V with switch), 30 off-centre mass wheels, 30 motor holders (not shown it parts photo), 60 motor tag connection sleeves and a project information sheet.

Please Note: The second and third images show some suggestions of how you could contruct a bug using some simple components. These other parts are not included.

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