C21 LED Desk Lamp (Pack of 30)

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Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) once only gave out a feeble light and were only used as indicators. They are now set to become the most important source of light in homes and many portable products such as torches. Small and powerful LEDs are used for reading lights and desk lights because of their small size and low current consumption.


LEDs are ideal for lamps that give a bright source of light over a small area. Many famous designers have created small lamps for use on a table or desk – and now is your opportunity to join their ranks and create a skeleton lamp that uses a center-of-gravity trick to stand upright.

This kit is intended as an open-ended project where the design and construction of the kit is down to the user. Suggestions on methods of fitting and styles are suggested but specific instructions are not given.

Please Note: Images are for illustration purposes only and are intended as suggestions for possible designs.
Please see below for list of parts included.

This kit contains everything needed to make 30 LED desk lamps including LEDs, easi-bend aluminium rod, battery boxes, cable ties and thin aluminium wire for making your half-size models.

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