C21 Kinetic Art Drawing Machine (Class Pack)

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Kinetic art is an important movement. As its name suggests, it is about things that move – from hanging mobiles to robots that draw pictures. There is an international exhibition devoted to kinetic art each year – and works of kinetic art by well known artists can sell for huge amounts of money.

Why a drawing machine?
Kinetic artists have come up with ingenious ideas for drawing machines that seem to have a mind of their own. Some of these can even draw faces assisted by computer software. Drawing is a very good place to start because so many simple mechanisms can create patterns when you set them running – and they really do captivate an audience.

Where do you start?
The main ‘ingredients’ in a drawing machine are:
• a means of making traces or marks – e.g., pencil, pen; felt-tip; brush
• a surface – e.g., paper, card or fabric
• a mechanism – two or more parts joined together
• a source of movement – e.g., a clock work motor, electric motor, falling mass

What next?
Your machine will probably have produced some very striking pictures. These can really be enhanced by mounting and framing. Almost certainly, one or more of your images in a frame would look good on a wall in a London gallery!

Class Pack
The Kinetic Art Drawing Machine kit contains sufficient components for 30 pupils : 30 lengths of easi-bend wire, 30 motors, 30 battery boxes (1.5V with switch), 60 cable ties a length of silicon tube to provide a friction motor drive and a project information sheet.

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