Black Light Starter Pack

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Black light pigments are microencapsulated materials that are specifically formulated to absorb UV radiation at the near-invisible end of the spectrum (hence ‘black light’) and re-emit the absorbed energy as visible light of various colours. These pigments have a number of applications including security marking of banknotes and a wide range of glow-in-the-dark products used in special displays, discos etc.

The mixed paint can be applied to any surface receptive to acrylic media – including fabrics, paper, card and wood. It can be applied by brush, screen printed or, for example, printed from a relief surface created by lino-cut, laser-cut rubber/MDF.

This pack contains a 1 gram tube of each of the colours; one 20ml syringe of acrylic media, 4 petri dishes, 4 spatulas/mixing sticks, one 10ml measuring syringe (for any added water).

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