Amazing Materials Sample Pack

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This unique pack contains samples of five materials, each of which has an amazing property.

Pack iincludes:

• Bouncing putty – a material that suddenly changes from soft to hard if you hit it (20g)
• Magic snow – a powder that absorbs 500 times its own weight of water and grows into snow (25g)
• Thermo–film – a plastic film that glows bright blue if you heat it with your hand (100 x 75mm)
• Glow–plastic – a plastic film that stores light and shines in the dark (116 x 100mm)
• Magic beads – beads that change colour in sunlight.

These materials can be used to motivate, inspire and educate young children. They can be investigated in science or applied in designing and making things. Supplied with instructions in a sturdy corrugated box.