Alarm Clock Kit

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  • Build your own digital clock with alarm.
  • Built-in buzzer and four digit clock display.
  • Simple and fun to build with 30 parts.
  • Requires a 9-18V power supply (not included).

What can I do with this kit?
Make your own 24-hour digital alarm clock with this kit. Set the time, set your alarm and then silence it when it goes off.
You can build a clock body around the 82 x 54mm board and create a fully working clock.

What can I learn with this kit?
See how digital clocks work and get a closer look at their inner workings. Get experience in how to solder a variety of components – from switches and resistors to microchips and displays. The three different switches in this kit send signals to the 1N006 microchip, which controls the display and buzzer outputs.

How easy is this kit to solder? 
This kit is fairly easy to solder. It’s an ideal choice if you want to improve your soldering skills or build a fun project. Once you’ve soldered your kit together, you can build a mask or speaker box to contain your voice changer and protect it – just take care not to block your input and outputs.